A Skilled Photographer

Buildings of all types have always been a fascination for Image Ten Photography. When they started photographing them professionally in 2000, this sharp-eyed photographer was finally able to turn their passion into profit. Regarded as a prominent and well-respected Real Estate Photographer based out of San Francisco, Image Ten Photography is always looking for monumental challenges to build on their existing skills and experience. Want to know more? Contact them.



Working Together


Above all else, working with this client was a great learning experience for Image Ten Photography. The biggest challenge was meeting this client’s strict deadlines as well as making sure to deliver a high quality end product.


This client was very precise regarding the photos they wanted taken. Following a thorough initial consultation meeting, Image Ten Photography eventually understood their particular style preferences and was happy to provide them with the images they wanted.


Polar had a really special project, and they hired Image Ten Photography to take care of all the photographs. The outcome was better than expected, and they’ve been collaborating ever since.



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